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"AIS™ immediately changed the atmosphere of our facility and certainly made for a better working environment. The process was smooth, implementation was simple, and the results have been absolutely fantastic. " - Winnebago County, WI

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Most of today's system investments carry nebulous value that is difficult to measure. With crisp returns that are easy to quantify and understand, AIS™ is an exception.

AIS™ automates routine citizen phone calls that would have otherwise consumed precious staff time, every facility's most precious and expensive commodity. The core idea is to have AIS handle the easy "no brainer" questions while staff time is conserved for the tough questions and tasks too complex for computers. The beauty is that time from AIS™ is less expensive than staff time…MUCH less expensive.

On average, local jails receive approximately one half of a citizen phone call per day. Some receive more, some less, but an average mid-sized facility of 500 inmates could be expected to receive about 250 phone calls per day. On average, AIS™ automates over 80% of citizen phone calls. Sometimes the automation rate is 85% and sometimes 75%, but the average is over 80%.

If we had not had AIS™, we most certainly would have had to request additional staff to answer phone calls. AIS™ also helped reduce booking errors and citizen complaints.

- Elkhart County, IN

With an average of ½ call per day per inmate and 80% automation from AIS™, the only remaining variables to estimate gross savings are facility size, labor cost, and duration per phone call. The chart below provides quick estimates of the staggering savings potential with AIS at average phone call durations of four minutes and different facility sizes and labor costs.

Annual Gross Savings Quick Reference

$12 $14 $16 $18 $20 $22
100 $14,454 $16,863 $19,272 $21,681 $24,090 $26,499
250 $36,135 $42,158 $48,180 $54,203 $60,225 $66,248
500 $72,270 $84,315 $96,360 $108,405 $120,450 $132,495
750 $108,405 $126,473 $144,540 $162,608 $180,675 $198,743
1000 $144,540 $168,630 $192,720 $216,810 $240,900 $264,990
1500 $216,810 $252,945 $289,080 $325,215 $361,350 $397,485
2000 $289,080 $337,260 $385,440 $433,620 $481,800 $529,980
2500 $361,350 $421,575 $481,800 $542,025 $602,250 $662,475
3000 $433,620 $505,890 $578,160 $650,430 $722,700 $794,970

On the low end, a 100 ADP facility with a labor "All-in" (including hourly wage, benefits, space, equipment) cost of $12 per hour could be expected to have gross savings over $14,000. On the high end, a 3000 ADP facility with a labor cost of $22 per hour could be expected to have gross savings of almost $800,000. Though these calculations rely on assumptions, they are middle of the road and a good place to start. For a detailed Return-on-Investment analysis including net savings after the cost of AIS, please contact us for a quote.

To manipulate some of the variables, try the One Minute Gross Savings Forecast at the bottom of our home page.

While the hard savings from AIS are easy to quantify and understand, its returns do not stop there.
Softer returns include:

For a detailed Return-on-Investment analysis including hard and soft returns specific to your facility, please contact us for a quote.

Sound interesting? There’s much more – please drop us a line and tell us about your facility and its unique challenges. Call 1.800.524.5547 or Email Us.

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